Friday, March 26, 2010

What are you licking off of YOUR lips?

Ever heard of a "rendering plant?"   I never had either until about 5 years ago when I finally turned myself into a label reader!   Now, I never put anything on my skin unless I know the ingredients and what they are!  Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for anything you put on your skin to go to every major organ in the body!?   Makes you think, doesn't it?   If you don't believe me, do this little test:   peel a clove of garlic and stick it between your toes.  Within a minute or so, you will taste that garlic in your mouth!   

Here's an excerpt from a book called "Mad Cowboy" by Howard F. Lyman.  He speaks about animal products in skin care and cosmetics.   I about threw up the first time I heard this:

In his book he writes: 

“I am a fourth generation dairy farmer and cattle rancher.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Montana, and I ran a feedlot operation there for twenty years.  I know first-hand how cattle are raised and how meat is produced in this country. 

When a cow is slaughtered, about half of it by weight is not eaten by humans; this includes the intestines and their contents, the head the hooves, the horns, as well as bones and blood.  These are dumped into giant grinders at rendering plants, as well as the entire bodies of cows and other farm animals known to be diseased. 

There is simply no such thing in America as an animal too ravaged by disease, too cancerous, or too putrid to be welcomed by the all-embracing arms of the renderer. 

Another staple of the renderer’s diet, in addition to farm animals, is euthanized pets – the six or seven million dogs and cats that are killed in animal shelters every year. 

Added to the blend are the euthanized catch of animal control agencies, and road-kill. 

(Road kill is not collected daily, so in the summer, the better road kill crews can generally smell it before they can see it…) When this gruesome mix is ground and steam-cooked, the lighter, fatty material floating to the top gets refined for use in such products as cosmetics, lubricants, soaps, candles and waxes.” 

…and that my friends, is the cold, hard truth about where the “animal by-products” come from that the cosmetic industry tries to pawn off onto the American public.

Pretty darn gross huh?   What are YOU licking off of your lips?!  

Read your labels! 
 Look for things like: lanolin, tallow, gelatin, collagen, elastin...
these are all animal by-products!

Use products from a company that is vegan 
and you won't have to worry!

Yuck....sorry all you meat eaters, 
hope you weren't eating a burger while you were reading this.  : )


  1. Wow... I had no idea. Is it wierd that I actually want to try that garlic thing? LOL

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. UGH! Yuck! That's terrible. But I do like meat. I just don't want cow intestines on my lips!

  3. bahhh!!! sooo gross. and yes.. I just checked my burt's bees... lanolin! blechhh!!!

  4. Eeek eeek I am not even going to read that blurb...I know I will be sick lol. Interesting about the garlic....

  5. yes it is gross! Now to be fair, Lanolin is NOT the ground up parts, but it is basically sheep sweat, or the oil off of their skin. It's not QUITE as gross as most animal by-products found in stuff, but nevertheless, it IS an animal by-product, and I still think it's gross. I mean....what if I didn't take a shower for like a month, would you want to scrape the oil off my skin and put it in your chapstick?! um...disgusting.

  6. Gross!! I’m not so sure I wanted to know this…Ignorance is bliss ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I think I'll go throw up now! :( eew so disgusted right now.

  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwpice.

    but i still like hamburgers.

  9. Your posts continue to fascinate me. 26 seconds? Crazy!!!

  10. GROSS! Do not even get me started on this... I am watching Jaime's Food Revo right now getting all kinds of worked up. My friends was telling me that 60% of what we put on your face goes into our blood stream...scary! I just started putting Palmer's on my face because it has collagen in it and I thought it would be good since this is the first time I am using a moisturizer and I am so grossed out now!!!!!!!

  11. OMG! Nasty! If I didn't completely stop eating meat last year, this would have done it for sure. LOL. Excellent post.

  12. I had no idea. That really does make me want to seek out vegan products now!

    and the photos cracked me up!

  13. Yucky but true facts!!!

    Also, yes, Jude Law is amazing. I fell for him after seeing The Holiday :)

  14.! I want to try the 'garlic' test right now but I'm scared of how long it will take to get rid of the garlic smell {and taste!}

    Love the pics! LMAO

  15. That is grossssss. :D

    I definitely will read the label more next time I buy products.

  16. Now I must run home and read my labels!!!!

  17. Yikes. I guess I'll just stick to my own saliva. OK, that was gross. But not as gross as....